Business group


ERO GLOBAL is a business group that grows profitably and sustainably, since 2007, we have managed to consolidate its presence and position ourselves in the markets of America and Europe, focusing on various economic sectors, with innovative business models, and efficient, we specialize in the areas of transportation and logistics of goods, transfer of personnel, import and distribution of food, the development of alternative tourism and expeditionary warfare, international trade, and brand development. We have a team of highly trained and committed to ensuring an excellent service.

landmarks of modern city,financial district in China.


Key to success
Focus on the value As the core.

We have more than 2500 employees distributed in the different companies of the group.

Our goal is to be the group of greatest strength, outstanding to provide the highest level of products and services to all our business partners, always in keeping with social values.
Our philosophy: “Solutions without borders”



In conjunction with this non-profit foundation, we develop integration activities with our partners with the objective to promote the comprehensive development of children in panama.

Year by year we made our donation to this charity event that aims to raise funds to design, build and equip rehabilitation centers and health to provide services to people with disabilities.


We work with this non-governmental organization, supporting thousands of children, adolescent girls and young people to grow up in a protective environment and affective, surrounded by the love of a family.

In solidarity with the program of financial assistance and livelihoods, created in the midst of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19, we contribute with donations of products biosecurity delivered to the Hub Humanitarian of Sinaproc, with the purpose of being able to help the communities most vulnerable in the sector panamanian.


Social responsibility is the commitment of our collaborators, clients and the community in general.

We carry out high-impact programs, targeted to the most vulnerable population in Latin America and Europe. We work with foundations that develop humanitarian aid programs that contribute to improving the quality of life of the population.


Day-to-day, we promote the efficient use of resources in all of our companies, ensuring the optimization of natural resources and contributing to the improvement of the profitability of the business.

As part of our commitment is to control the impacts generated by each company and the results of its operations and transactions through the policy environment, as well as partnerships with institutions to participate in the conservation of species and sites around the world, participating in the awareness of the staff and interest groups to take care of our planet.

In conjunction with this non-profit foundation, we do business with our partners who help to raise awareness among the population about the behavior of littering in public spaces.

Our alliance with Essential Costa Rica confirms our commitment to integrally promote tourism, investment and exports, in harmony with nature.

In conjunction with this non-profit foundation, we do business with our partners who help to raise awareness among the population about the behavior of littering in public spaces in Spain.

We work hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Labour of Panama in its programme of improving the employability of people with disabilities, taking our companies and employees with disabilities not limited to be able to perform their functions.

We are a part of the community of companies registered in Weconnect International is a global network that connects businesses, women-owned, with qualified buyers around the world

In conjunction with this non-profit organization we conduct talks with our partners to promote spaces that are free of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.


Our commitment is to create an environment that is more inclusive to everyone, within and outside of our companies, and this includes people with disabilities to be visible and not visible, LGBTQ+ and equitable representation for all people.