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BusPort SA offers specialized transportation services staff using cutting-edge technology and a fleet moderna, which guarantees an effective, safe, and comfortable. For this account with a innovative platform for GPS tracking of all your units in real time and access to digital form to the user from its own app.


Gap Logistics

It is a leader in the ground transportation and cargo movement at the national level, specialized in the transport of containers. It has a fleet moderna, a highly qualified staff and a comprehensive management system that provides the customer with a 24/7 care.

Lamaignere Charge

Lamaignere Position offers an extended infrastructure and organization, directed by a great team of specialists in the logistics sector, with the only aim to facilitate and contribute to the success of their operations by using our services, air transport, maritime and ground, for the shipment of their goods both for the traffic of export and the import.


Incom Global

We are specialized in the detection of international tenders, public or private. We have the biggest range of products according to the needs of technical and economic of its customers, from planes, air defense and anti-missile, commercial satellites, cyber security, weapons and equipment of persuasion, not lethal and antimotin.

ADE Groups

Also known as ADE, is dedicated to providing the rental service and maintenance of heavy equipment, trucks, buses, and a wide range of equipment and specialized machinery for workshops and the construction sector.



Gassup is a company dedicated to the service of transportation, distribution and sale of fuel to the largest, focused on the delivery service for fleets of vehicles and businesses that operate generators.


Eurom is a group of professionals with extensive experience in the field of lubrication and filtration, we distribute products from leading brands, quality and global recognition, to support businesses to get the best results in the preventive and corrective maintenance of their equipment and increase their profitability.

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King Long Panama

Is a company founded in 1988, with extensive experience in the automotive market, we are official dealers of the brand with the largest bus production at the global level, providing solutions in safety, reliability, comfort and cost-efficiency to our customers, being a reference in innovation, technology and sustainability.

In addition to offering the services of Multi-brand Workshop, with a wide range of spare parts and providing excellent service and support after sales to our customers.

Nomad America

Is a company focused on providing tourist services "all-inclusive" to a public adventurer that requires an experience not conventional, more natural, and bold. Account with fleets of vehicles 4×4, fully equipped, and a highly experienced staff and with the knowledge required to provide exciting excursions immersed in the Central deep.



Is a company dedicated to the import and sale of a wide range of safety equipment, first aid supplies, medical supplies, equipment for the port industry, machinery for the preparation of food, supplies for the oil industry and maritime, among others.


Is a registered trademark of a line of products of biosecurity which are distributed around the world. It has presence in North America, Central and South America as well as in Europe. Our products are focused on various markets where we market and manufacture products for the industrial, medical, and food offering a wide range of products.

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Apotheke line

Apotheke Line is a DISTRIBUTION center PHARMACEUTICAL authorized by the Spanish agency of medicines. We sell cosmetic Products with own brand.

Healing House

Healing House is a company recognized internationally for its performance in the promotion of the comprehensive care of the health and human development through the development of technologies from a holistic approach.


Vimed International

A supplier of medical supplies with extensive experience in the world of marketing of medical devices, high-quality products in the field of medical technology and equipment level of Public and Private Institutions in central america.


It is one of the companies most relevant in the segment of the supply and transport of chemical additives for industry water. Also offers technical advice on the operation and maintenance of equipment and supplies for the treatment of water and wastewater.



Merkamundo provides high-level services in the space of the commodity market with a strong experience in financial derivatives, hedging and risk management in the food, agriculture, energy and metals.

Ep Market

EP-Market Food Solutions focuses on meeting the needs of raw materials for the food industry, ofreciéndo products of the highest quality from anywhere in the globe. It also provides technical consulting services, manufacturing, distribution, transport and placing on a shelf of products, favoring the growth of their clients.

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Pwv is a registered trademark of cigarrilo-mail that has a presence all over the world. We create products that can be adapted to all levels and styles, offering a unique experience of vapeo with fruit flavors, without smell and with the durability of the market to our consumers.  


Somos una empresa que fabrica pallets de madera, con elevado compromiso ambiental, desde el cultivo de nuestras plantaciones forestales, hasta la fase de producción de nuestros productos.

Global Pallets
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Made in Italy

Made in Italy specializes in presenting solutions in the field of finishes for the decoration of residences which are always provided with the best price-quality relationship. Is committed to facilitate and increase the well-being of those who use the spaces and collaborate with the professionals in the area to achieve this goal.

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Key to success

Focus on the value as the core.

As a business group consolidated with offices around the world, we control for a comprehensive way, all of our operations, ensuring an efficient and quality service.

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Global market in 17 countries and 19 cities.